PinkHippo CBD Energy Shot - 12 pack

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  • 24pk of PinkHippo
  • Pink lemonade flavored energy shot.
  • PinkHippo - Energy shot that just feels fun.
  • PinkHippo Energy Shot
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  • PinkHippo 12pk
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Once you experience a PinkHippo CBD energy shot for the first time, you'll want more! The PinkHippo team set out to make a product that would disrupt the boring energy shot market. We put an extreme focus on two goals:

1) How the product makes you feel - needed to feel fun, happy, and new!
2) It must taste great - better than all of our competitors!


PinkHippo's proprietary blend of CBD (20mg), Caffeine, and B-vitamins, resulted in a PRODUCT that all of #HippoNation can love and enjoy. Check out some key product highlights: 

Feels Amazing: Many energy products leave consumers with heart races and jitters, we hate that! People respond to energy drinks in different ways, but we are willing to guarantee you'll love our improvements - that's our Fist Bump Guarantee! We reinvented the way energy feels, and you're going to like it.

PinkHippo Tastes Better: We believe that energy shots don't have to taste like [insert something you hate here]. Sure it may be "challenging" to make a mixture of caffeine, vitamins, and CBD that tastes great; however, simply accepting mediocrity is NOT the Hippo Way! We tested formulation after formulation until we landed on a taste we could be proud. We can't wait for you to try it! Our team is already working on another fun flavor; we are changing the game in the taste category!

CBD (20mg): The benefits of CBD are being extensively researched and believed to have many positive health impacts. For our flagship energy product, we knew we wanted to do something unique by embedding 20mg of the finest CBD into every single shot! After months of research we partnered with one of the top CBD processors in the world. Quality control is essential in this industry, and not something we were willing to sacrifice. PinkHippo can track the CBD in our product back to an exact farm in Kentucky. In the spirit of full transparency, we have uploaded our Certificate of Analysis (COA) in the footer of our website. Our CBD isolate contains ZERO THC, you will not fail a drug test.. PinkHippo wants to make you feel high on life, just not high on THC... haha.

#HippoNation: We are all SWAMPED and crazy busy!! PinkHippo energy shots are here to help you push through life's fast lane. Our brand is built on a core belief that life should be fun, experienced with joy, and that we all have a responsibility to free our inner youth every once and a while. You will fall in love with our product the first time you try it. You will then be the newest member of #HippoNation. Let's go!!!!



PinkHippo energy shots are going viral on social media and thousands of retailers and convenience stores across the nation are jumping on the movement and placing our product on their shelves!

We genuinely appreciate all of our amazing customers and pledge that we will always fight hard to give you a qulity product that feels amazing, tastes great, and stands for something much bigger than ourselves. Things are going to get fun!